Dear Dear Jean and Bob,
I was so very very sad to learn about Bella's struggles and then her death today. Please know of our sympathy and love at this time of loss. I picture you there holding dear sweet Bella as she quietly passed on from this life. I also picture her being welcomed above with lively tail wagging angel dogs. I'm thankful she doesn't have to suffer any more but oh so sad to lose her. Our prayers and love are with you both this night.


JANUARY 15, 2017-JANUARY 3, 2018

Deb, Ethel, me and Bella at L&M Hospital, New London. December, 2017.

Dear friends and family,

Sadly, our sweet dog, Bella, died Wednesday morning, January 3rd.  Bella was just 2 weeks shy of her 11th birthday, but always seemed like a puppy to us. She was always in good health, but a huge tumor grew on her spleen, she had internal bleeding, and we had to bring her in for emergency surgery right after Christmas. She came through surgery just fine and was improving daily. On Tuesday, she was energetic, playful, and alert--back to her old self. Wednesday morning, she started to go into shock and we rushed her to our local vet. She was stabilized and then they recommended we rush her to the emergency animal hospital that did her surgery. I will spare you all the horrific details, but we didn't get far and had to race back to the vet, where we had to end her suffering. Bob and I are grief stricken. This all seemed to happen so quickly. Our loss is unbearable. Bella was not only a member of our family, but brought joy and comfort to many in her role as therapy dog. We found out yesterday (january 5th) that her tumor was benign and that she had died of gastrointestinal complications from the surgery. 

We've received many wonderful messages of comfort, and I'll include a few samples below, as well as a few recent photos.

Darling Jean,
I’m so so sorry to hear about our sweet angel Bella.  I am glad that she had you as her mom and that she lived such a splendidly AWESOME life with you.  She is in the next dimension joyfully running around and playing and bragging about what a great family she had and how you made sure that she was able to make a difference in so many lives. She had such great times with you!!
Thank you for Bella.  I will always know that she lived greatly! 
Jean you are so loved and respected and I will always be grateful to you and your family for saving her and doing great things with her.
Thank you for your wonderful book which encourages everyone to help their dogs become therapy dogs and go out and do good in the world like you two did.     
Thank you.  You done good!!
Now she’s playing and young again:-)
Adrienne Galler Lastra
Shelter Director
Amigos de los Animales
Voice for Abused and Abandoned Animals

Dear Jean and  Bob,
 Bella was such a lucky dog to be your pet.  You rescued her from "Dead Dog Beach", gave her a loving home, trained her to be a Therapy Dog and she brought such joy and companionship to so many elderly lonely people--You gave her a purpose and she did her job well.
We are so sorry for your loss and she will be mourned by many.  She has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and now she can romp and play, free from any aches and pains.Losing a pet is like losing family.  Rudy and Henry must be sad too, but they will help to ease the pain of your loss.  God bless.  Judy and Bob

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Bella,, hanging out with Rudy, the night before she died.

Bella with Bob and Henry, recovering from her surgery.

Bella the day we brought her home from the animal hospital, December 30, 2017, snuggling with me.

Please support your local animal shelters and adopt dogs in need, like Bella. Or give to Amigos de los Animales, PR, the group that rescued Bella from Dead Dog Beach.

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