Bella works with special needs children at a local elementary school. They read to her, play with her, and find that she loves to be with them. Here Annelise sits on the lap of the special ed teacher with Bella and me. Bella also works in a rehab facility, the hospital and a cancer center.  

What does she do? She breaks through anxiety and fear. She's present and doesn't care if a child can't read well, or if patients are confused. She shows up and her sweetness is like sunlight--it warms and comforts.


Read about Bella in my new book, and find out how this unlikely therapy dog went from Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico to a dog who gives back. Now that the book is out, we're available for talks (I do the talking, but Bella is cuter), and to share the amazing ways therapy dogs affect people's lives.

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Listen to a recent (December 18, 2016) radio interview with Kathy Menard of Pet Connections Radio: